Hear the story that God is crafting through the lives of people as they are impacted by the church and see the unique thread that God has been weaving through The Rock Family and Butler High School for over a decade.



“When I got to Butler High School, I realized there was a need for help from the
community. people from the church began coming in and praying with students. Any time I needed help as a teacher, The Rock was there. They supported our
teams, did pep rallies, and fed students.

You could see the change in our students after the church began to get involved. they finally had people who cared. They began to come to school more often, They began to care about their appearance and they began to care about the Lord. That changed my heart.

Now the Rock is coming back home. This is definitely the work of the Lord. I had no idea the Lord was using me to get the Rock involved AT BUTLER. I know it changed
students lives, but more than that, it changed me.


“When I first walked into the Rock, I was overcome with the Holy Spirit. After my students visited, they said, ‘It’s so diverse.’ That’s what they loved about it.

It looked like the school. 

I’m just blessed to know that I can now come back and pray in this building at any time. We’re coming back to reap everything we’ve sown.”


“Tradition is a responsibility. The doors of Butler may have shut, but we are Butler.  We still represent Butler. We get to make this home. 

I got to walk through this place that once gave me life years ago and now have the opportunity to walk back into this place and breath life into it again. This will be a place right here in this community to bring so much hope and change.”


“I was at a loss of where to go and what to do. I had realized I made a mess. So I finally asked God what He wanted. God made it very clear He wanted me to go to the church.

He is a redemptive God.

He showed me that my value does not come from who I’m with. It does not come from my family. It does not come from what kind of mother I am. It comes from the fact that the creator of the universe think I’m amazing. He loves me; and that is enough.

One thing that I find incredibly amazing is that if these resources hadn’t been available to me, I wouldn’t be here today. I cant imaging going through all of these things alone. I would not be here today if it weren’t for our church. Theres more like me that can be restored.”


“For me, The Rock really showed us how to be believers. What I love the most is the discipleship and family of it. Every single person I speak to always points me back to Jesus. Always points me back to the right path. We’re of grateful that Celebrate Recovery was there. The people there have become family; we can call them any time.

Having other moms who have the same values in She Moms was something I needed. We don’t have to all be the same, we are totally different, but we all just love the Lord.

I cant wait to see what The Rock does with Butler High School. We’re just so excited that we get to be here on this journey. The first thing I thought about was CR and starting programs for teenagers. I’m excited.”


“I remember seeing this purple school bus and then this guy with an accent came to our house and said ‘Hey, you wanna come to church?’ and his name was Thor. My mama had five kids, and we all needed church. We needed Jesus. So we went to church.

Urban Rangers, I got into it really good. And they pulled me aside and said ‘man, I want you to start helping us with all the kids.

That’s how we got to The Rock, it started with Urban Rangers and with Thor. And then my high school years, I came to Butler High School and I remember seeing Pastor Adam.

I’m just about excited to see what God is about to do in this area.”


“…I shouldn’t be here. God kept me around for a reason. The Rock Family Worship came and knocked on our door, at Thanksgiving.

My son got the presence of God first, that was through Kids Quest. So we kept coming. And it was unusual to us, and I was not at all the type of worship service we had been in, and I thank the Lord for that. He knew what we needed, He is a good good Father.”


“Life gets busy and church becomes less of a priority…We made excuses. We didn’t like that spot, but we found ourselves there. The passion that the Rock has for people. The compassion for people and the passion for God is just amazing. Its been such a natural fit. It makes you want to be involved.. Now we know this is home.

When I saw that aerial view of Butler, I got it than. Just think of all you can do with that. Even though we are 50 or 60 miles away. I can’t wait to see how it transforms because we are apart of it.”


“I’ve been coming to The Rock since 2013, I came by way of prayer. When I was 21, I met my ex husband, we had just started dating and about 6 months in I got pregnant. We moved in together and about a week later, I had a miscarriage. I was just broken, it devastated me. When that was taken away it completely wrecked me. When you hit rock bottom, that’s when the Lord can lift you up and fill your hands. I felt Him moving me out of the place where I was. And He brought me back to Harvest. I remember when this church was built. In the midst of looking for a house, the Lord pointed out the church. I was trying to balance God and partying. Within 6 months or so, the Lord had healed me. I took the purity vow and dedicated my life to the Lord.”